Pew Cushions Direct from Alpha Furnishing: tailor-made cushions for church pews of all shapes, sizes, materials and colours...more

Great pew cushions, back rests, kneelers and hassocks made to order and exactly to your specification, made with high quality foam to ensure comfort for both long and short term use, as well as excellent and durable tweeds in a wide variety of colours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Alpha Furniture is committed to high quality products, great value and excellent service. Please review the following frequently asked questions for answers to common concerns. If you want more information or don't see an answer that you were looking for please call us direct on +44 (0)1494 670600.

Is there a minimum order? We do have a minimum order value of  150. This equates to roughly 10 feet worth of cushions, although price/foot is dependent on the overall footage of the order.

Can I try one? Yes we can send a two foot cushion for free trial. Click here for details.

How are the cushions attached?Normally their weight is sufficient, though Velcro can be specified.

Can I have back cushions? Yes, we have supplied these, and Velcro is the usual method of securing.

Are they durable? The fabric is typically a 90,000 rub-test, while the foam is dual-density. Stain protection is an option for the tweed, while they are upholstered on all sides, allowing them to be flipped over and significantly extending their life. The fabric comes with a five year guarantee.

Can I order organ/altar chair cushions? Yes, often there are other seats required for cushioning.

Is piping available? It is an option and we are happy to discuss this with you. Our standard cushions though are made with seams that look like piping.

Do I have to measure my pews? Not necessarily. We can offer a measuring service where appropriate.

What is the typical lead-time? Four weeks

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Alpha Furniture has always been committed to high quality products, great value and excellent service...

Phil MacInnes, Chairman, says "The foundation of the business has been an honest and trustworthy approach in an industry that is traditionally based on personal recommendation. Alpha has grown over the years because of this approach."

Once again we have been able to add many new items to our range of durable quality furniture.

In these financially testing times we have excelled at bringing customers the best value available. To cope with raw material price fluctuations we regularly review our prices to ensure we remain competitive passing any savings on to you quickly.

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